PIXEVIA provides technology for an AI driven convenience store, without cashiers and waiting lines.  You simply walk in, grab what you need, and go.
The system will automatically detect items taken from the shelves and create a virtual shopping cart. The customer can use a credit card, hotel card, or app for the payment.


Main benefit for the customer is convenience. No need to wait in line to pay for groceries, no need to manually scan all the items at self-service machines.

No checkout — No queues

Customers can simply walk in, take what they want off the shelves, leave and then get charged automatically. The combination of cameras on the ceilings and shelves sensors function to automatically detect items taken and create a virtual shopping cart.

Safety During COVID-19

PIXEVIA Smart Store enables contactless shopping and payment. It is also supplemented by the two additional technologies: contactless communications with a mobile in-store robot ready to address any questions a consumer may have, and the automated disinfection system, that kills dangerous viruses and bacteria several times a day.

Efficient operation

Under budget solution, that's easy to install, integrate, and operate.
The technology can enable an automated 24/7 operation.

Data Driven Store Management

PIXEVIA technology offers data driven store management, gives real-time stock information.

Tested in
real world

Tested in real world
conditions in a full
size convenience store.

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