PIXEVIA provides technology for AI driven stores, without cashiers and waiting lines. You simply walk in, grab what you need, and go.

Main benefit for the customer is convenience. No need to wait in line to pay for groceries, no need to manually scan all the items at self-service machines.

In addition to happy customers and increased sales, retailers also profit from:

  • Less staff needed in a store;
  • Total theft protection;
  • Precise and real-time stock information;
  • Ability to analyze customer shopping behavior;
  • Media/press attraction due to bleeding edge retail innovation.

No checkout — No queues

Customers can simply walk in, take what they want off the shelves, leave and then get charged automatically. The combination of cameras on the ceilings and shelves sensors function to automatically detect items taken and create a virtual shopping cart.

£6.4 billion has been lost (UK only) by retailers to their competitors in 2018 due to long queues.

Safety During

PIXEVIA Smart Store enables contactless shopping and payment. It is also supplemented by the two additional technologies: contactless communications with a mobile in-store robot ready to address any questions a consumer may have, and the automated disinfection system, that kills dangerous viruses and bacteria several times a day.

87% of the U.S. shoppers prefer stores with touchless or robust self-checkout options.

Efficient operation

Under budget solution, that's easy to install, integrate, and operate. The technology can enable an automated 24/7 operation.

AI-powered, cashier-free stores are the unavoidable future of retail
- TechRepublic

Data Driven Store Management

PIXEVIA technology offers data driven store management, gives real-time stock information.

In a 2017 survey of UK retailers, 38% of respondents were already applying Artificial Intelligence to their business operations, and 48% were already using machine learning.